Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone, and a three day weekend ahead at that!  YAY!!  So while I was on my blogging hiatus A. Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm started a link up party called Five on Friday.  I believe the link up is still on a summer break but see other bloggers still participating in the Five on Friday blogpost.  I’m not one to miss a party so here goes…

1.        Mint M&Ms: my go to afternoon snack at work.  Or who am I kidding, breakfast with my coffee too.  So bad, but man they are good.
2.       James popped his first tooth:

 And although he is not fully crawling yet, he's managing to find a way to get where he wants to be.   (Under this chair)

3.       Hunter V has taken to wearing his bookbag when he walks in and out of school.  I’m slightly obsessed with how adorable he looks doing it!
4.      Also obsessing over some Rompers right now and Loft has some adorable ones.   My mom just purchased this one for me and you'll likely see pictures of me in it this weekend via insta!

5.       And lastly….This post is brought to you by the CAR! We are on our way to THE BEACH!!  My sweet family of 4 is in desperate need to get away from it all so we planned an impromptu beach trip at the beginning of this week.  4 Days, Three nights of fun in the sun with my boys.  Not to mention some awesome waterslides that Hunter V is going to LOVE.  We can’t wait. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with you and yours as well!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Day of Kindergarten

This first day of school doesn’t effect our family yet, hunter is in daycare aka “school”. However, I’ve teared up twice already in the past two days just thinking about having to send him off to kindergarten one day. The thought of him opening his little lunch box at a lunch room table with a bunch of kids he doesn’t know yet gets me every time. I know I need to get myself in check because we are 2 years away from this reality (thank goodness) and he will do a lot of growing in those next two years which hopefully will make me feel confident that he’s ready. BUT I know in two years I still won't be ready.

It’s going to be sad, but then it will be all like just wait until he goes off to college…and then I get to thinking about my parents and now I understand why my mom balled her eyes out the entire car ride home after dropping me off at college, and I turned out okay (Thanks Mom and Dad). So I guess the point is, I’ll be fine, Hunter will be awesome, it will all work out in the end but man it’s going to be sad until it’s the new normal. In the meantime, I’m thinking about all you mom’s out there sending your kiddos off to their first day of Kindergarten. Your in my prayers and don’t forget "good job," and "great listening," and "you're so brave," and "I'm so proud of you,"

Do you all follow Sweet Southern Prep? She’s sending her little girl off to Kindergarten today and posted this article that will absolutely hit home to all you mommies out there.  I’m saving this to read again in two years.

Dear New Kindergarten Mom,

This morning, I bundled my boys into the stroller and went out for one last impromptu morning walk. Max will be starting kindergarten next week, and the days spent hanging out in our jammies and meandering to the nearest park or Starbucks are almost over. My best friend texted me a picture of her own 5-year-old a few minutes later, standing in front of his new elementary school. "How did we get here?!" I texted back. It was yesterday that we were pregnant together. Visiting the fire station with toddlers together. Welcoming second babies together. "How did we get here?!"

Well, Mama, I want you to take a break from packing lunches and tucking pencils into binders. Click out of Pinterest for a minute, and stop reading the list about the Top 10 Lessons You Need To Teach Your Kindergartner. Put down the chalkboard frame that you're making for the perfect first day photo shoot, and listen up. This one is for you.

Kindergarten might be the beginning for our little ones, but it's a graduation of sorts for us.

How did we get here?

We waited and we worried, reading the BabyCenter emails each week that compared our rapidly growing babies to kiwis and oranges. We mourned losses and said goodbyes to the babies who grew in our hearts, but not our bellies. We labored and breathed and screamed and prayed as our littles made their way into our arms. We ate celebration dinners in hospital beds, or put on our best outfits and brightest smiles as a judge declared us a forever family, or opened our hearts to new dreams as we embraced our partners' children.

We cradled impossibly small newborn bottoms in the palms of our hands, cut hospital bracelets from tiny ankles and learned to swaddle little limbs into baby burritos. We winced at each bad latch, and exhaled with each great one. We filled bottles and emptied breasts, measured milliliters into droppers and g-tubes. We pumped and we mixed and we forgot to feed ourselves. We fed our babies with love.

We rocked, we paced, we sang. We woke every three hours, or every three minutes. We shushed and we danced and we dozed. We may have spent more time awake than asleep.

We cut grapes into tiny cubes. We cleaned pasta from the carpet and yogurt from their hair. We made sure that the green veggies weren't touching the orange ones.

We were Batman and Thomas and a dinosaur and a policeman and a princess. We stepped on 47 Legos and built 72 towers and 298 spaceships. We hid in blanket forts and behind closet doors. Sometimes we hid in the bathroom, because it was the only quiet place we could find.

We drove to preschool and playdates. We practiced our goodbyes and perfected our hellos. We caught slippery bodies at swim lessons, and twisted perfect topknots for ballet. We played the tambourine at music class and sang the "Hello, friend" song at Mommy and Me 341 times.

We held chubby little arms and legs tight as the doctor gave each shot. We counted ounces and inches and celebrated each step. We met with speech therapists and occupational therapists and oncologists and radiologists. We elbowed our way down paths that we never thought would rise up to greet us. We fought fear and doubt and guilt. We woke up each day, and put one foot in front of the other.

We yelled at our partners and cried to our mothers and fell into the arms of the friends who became our family. We learned to let other grown-ups love our kids, and struggled to accept a night out or a lasagna or a hug. Or a mimosa.

We worried about TV time and Vitamin D and developmental stages and hearing tests. We celebrated birthdays and did the potty dance and doled out stickers and ultimatums.

We kept going. We got better at it. We surprised ourselves.

We've been exhausted, and fed up, and overwhelmed, and overjoyed. We've cheered for first words and first steps and first date nights in months. We've fallen asleep during Dumbo and memorized Goodnight Moon and Horton Hears A Who.

We've bargained with God over stitches and lab tests and "routine" operations. We've soothed bad dreams and inspired bigger ones.

We've stepped on 4,724 Goldfish crackers and 3,193 Cheerios.

We've kissed scrapes and cheeks and noses. We've bathed squirmy bodies and cut tiny bangs. We've whispered I love yous against giggling bodies. We've hugged and we've helped and we've explained. We've answered 17,000 whys and why nots.

We've made it.

They've made it.

There will be thousands of firsts that follow this one. Our jobs aren't even close to being done. But on this first day, for the hours that stretch between squeezing his little hand goodbye and welcoming him back to the arms that he began in, be gentle with yourself.

In your heart of hearts, you know that he's ready.

But I'm here to tell you that you are, too.

You might think this first day is all about him, friend. But it's also about you.

How did we get here?


You rocked and you fed and you soothed and you worried and you taught and you cuddled and you counted the nap time minutes and added up the ounces and marked the passage of time with pictures and gasps and tears.

So as that brave, crazy kindergarten teacher ushers you out tomorrow and closes the door behind you, be proud.

You did it. We did it.

That classroom of amazing, brilliant, imaginative, loving, self-sufficient (well, sort of), hilarious, unpredictable, completely capable little people? We made them that way. So before you walk away to worry about all of the first days to come and the homework and the life lessons and the setbacks and the TV time and the reward charts... come find me on the playground.

I'll be looking for you.

Let me be the first one to tell you "Good job, Mama. You survived. You watched as your heart grew outside of your body, and then you prepared him to greet the world alone. He is ready, because when they placed him in your arms, you were." For all of the times that we've told them "good job," and "great listening," and "you're so brave," and "I'm so proud of you," not once did we say those things to ourselves. So on that very first day of school, as you take one last look over your shoulder to make sure that your little one is safely tucked into her classroom, and you wipe away the tears as you climb back into your (suddenly very quiet) car, remember this.

You did it. You are so brave. I am so proud of you.

Just look how much you've grown.

Happy graduation, Mama.


A Kindergarten Mom, bawling her eyes out in the car parked next to yours

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Home Tour: Living Room...Help us decide!

Settling and decorating our home is one of the several things that’s kept us busy this past year and half. We did a lot at first with big ticket items like rugs, furniture, paint etc….but then backed off to have James and are now starting to get back into the details. There are empty walls that need to be filled, window treatments that need to be hung, lighting to be changed out and even a few totally empty rooms still. And I should mention it all takes forever to do because I don’t have one of those “whatever you want hunny” husbands. Hunter is OPINIONATED when it comes to his home…everything takes convincing and I have to show him exactly what it’s going to look like before it gets done. The man has zero ability to be able to imagine what something will look like. However, I am grateful he has an opinion because I do think it keeps me from doing things like picking out hot pink guest room bedding and then regretting it months later (true story).

I’m going to start a home tour series…focus on one room or hallway etc at a time and hope it helps me also complete these areas!

First up is the living room, where we spend most of our time! Enjoy the pictures but at the end help us decide on what to put on the bare wall above the couch!

Our original idea was this….
and I still really like this option. Hunter on the other hand wants to do art work. My fear with art is we already have so much going on with the pillows, rug, and wall color it needs to be simple art which is hard to find. I feel like I would want abstract and have been looking along these lines….

What do you all think? Mirror or Art?

Couches: Macys
Coffee Tables: Ballard Designs
Rug: Potterybarn
Wingback chairs and Trunk between them: Potterybarn
Floor Lamps: Potterybarn Outlet
Pillows: Etsy, Target, and Potterybarn
Floor Basket: Serena and Lilly
Decor: Mostly Homegoods

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

James Penn's Baptism Weekend

I have the urge to blog! So you know what... I'm gonna just go with it. Maybe this means I'm back, maybe it doesn't. I have NO idea! Only time (and how much time I have) can tell. But if I can find the time I truly miss what a great outlet it was for me. It helps me process all that is going on in our lives, allows me to look back and count our blessings when life gets crazy. And most importantly helps us keep out of town family in touch with our lives and be able to see the boys grow all too fast.

Where do you pick up when you haven't blogged in over a year? Well, there is no way in heck I can catch everyone up on the past year so how about we start out with last weekend. :)

We baptized James Penn and had lots of family and friends in town to help us celebrate this joyous occasion and baby! Of course, I didnt take any pictures of his cute cupcake cross, or the yummy food we made, or our pretty wedding china we used, I have some work to do if I am going to get back into this blogging thing. I used to take a ton of pictures and just don't anymore...perhaps knowing I want to blog about an event or the kids will force me to pick up the camera a little more often too.

So without further a-do, James's baptism weekend.

Thursday night started out with a rare and I mean RARE mama's night out. After a happy hour with co-workers I had to a besties birthday party. Happy Happy Birthday KV!! xo
Mom and Dad also came into town Thursday night. Friday Mom and I had a nice mother/daughter day shopping while Papa and James held down the fort.
Friday night we went to the club house for all you can eat crab legs.
We live on a golf course and our house is literally right across the street from the club house. We love to go eat outside there and while we wait for food Hunter IV and V work on their golf game over on putting green....
After dinner and the kids we're down we enjoyed drinks on the back deck (this is our pretty status-quo friday/sat night). Love this Mama of mine!

Saturday Dad and Hunter got up and attempted to take Hunter V for a hair-cut. HUGE I mean HUGE fail! Hunter V is PETRAFIED of getting hair cuts so we have been cutting it at home. He's been getting better with allowing us to cut it at home so we thought maybe just MAYBE he might be ready to go back to a barber. Hunter said he stepped one foot into the barber shop and froze. Enough said.
While the boys we're off failing miserably at getting haircuts Mom and I cleaned house and prepped for James's baptism celebration.
Saturday afternoon, Hunter's family hosted us at their condo on Lake Norman, including a nice long boat ride. Little man LOVES to "go ride big-daddy's boat" He also Loves to swim in the lake!
Just seeing Hunter, Papa (my dad), and Big-Daddy (my father-in-law) all interact together with Hunter V really gets you to thinking how blessed my boys are to have such great men in their lives who are true role models and love them so much!
Sunday morning was James's baptism. We woke up, prepped a few things for the party afterwards and headed off to church.

After church we had a little celebration at our house. Everything was beautiful, and huge thanks to all our family and friends who came out to show their love and helped with the party! God is so GOOD!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Deep Breaths

A firetruck just left me house. I locked the baby in the car this morning.

I put baby in car, got in the drivers seat, turned on the car and baby spilled his cheerios. He was saying "uh oh," "uh oh". "Mommy will pick them up baby, its okay." I get out of the car to go pick up cheerios and my elbow hit the lock button as I was climbing out. The door closes.

I freaked out a little, tears started running, but mainly went straight into action knowing it would take a while for anyone to get there to help us. I first called a locksmith. They said it would take them too long to get there and I should call 911. One 911 call later a firetruck was at our house in 5 mintues.

I mean you can't make this stuff up. It was a scene straight out of a trashy romance novel. Three HOT fireman all suited up come walking down the driveway, unlock the car, and hand me my rescued baby. Thank you gentlemen, can I offer you a beverage? Haha, just kidding...I didn't offer them a beverage. But they were cute, and they did resuce my baby and I am SO grateful it was fairly quickly.

Baby was pretty upset he didn't understand why he was in the car and all these people were around the car without coming into the car with him. It was scary I'm sure. He's okay though, Mommy's okay, and now we have a story to tell. I'd rather NOT have this story to tell. But it is what it is and lessons learned. (keep a spare key in the house)

The Fireman started playing with Jake (our golden retriever) on their way out...Jake was sad to see them go and DESPERATELY wanted to spend the day with them. They said "come on boy," and wished Jake would be thier fire dog.

Of course hubby is happy because this didn't end up costing him anything. Our tax dollars hard at work. Thanks Fireman! Can I offer you a beverage? ;)

Oh...I have to add. Baby had asked for raisins that morning but I gave him cheerios instead. My child is OBSESSED with raisins asking for them all the time but I'm afraid of all the sugar in them and that his teeth are going to rot out from them. Needless to say, after our little got him some raisins :) sweet boy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A beautiful evening...

Sometimes all it takes to get out of our ruts is to just mix up the old routine a little bit. Spontaniously.

Wake up, shower, get ready, wake baby up, get him ready, take hubby to work, take baby to work, take myself to work, work. Pick up baby, pick up hubby, go home, make dinner, feed baby, feed Jake, give baby bath, read him books, put him to bed. Feed ourselves, do laundry, pick up toys, clean kitchen, vacuum jake hair. Does this routine sound familar to anyone else? Pretty sure it does to most working moms.

Last night for our anniversary we dicedied to mix up the ole routine, last minute. We made the plan to have a picnic on The Green after work with baby instead of heading home right away. I didn't have anything prepped for baby and I didnt want to picnic in my work clothes. So I picked up baby from school and we headed to target. I bought a comfy maxi dress to throw on, grabbed some champagne, plastic glasses, bubbles and a ball for baby to play with, cheese crackers and some chic-fil-a. Off we went to The Green (a grassy park area in the center of the city). Baby and I set up shop and dad met us there when he got off work. It was lovely. We sipped champagne, ate cheese and crackers, baby had space to run around, we didnt want to leave. It was a great way to mix up our old routine and celebrate three years of marriage.

Added bonus - on the way back to the car baby fell alseep in the stroller so we strolled right into Brixx and had dinner while baby slept. He slept 2 hrs in his stroller while we enjoyed a night out. Thanks little man - Mommy and Daddy owe you one!! xo

We may have to do picnics for dinner more often, I'm feeling refresed today loving the little things!

And sorry no pictures with this post...we didnt take any pictures either which is always nice for a change :) Like Hunter says..."babe remember it in your head, you dont have to take a picture of everything" :) I'll remember this night in my head!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary to US

Happy Anniversary to US. It's been a fun three years! A new baby, a new house, Both of us with new jobs. I must say life is going just as I imagined it would and I couldnt feel more blessed. That's not to say it's easy, cause lawd knows it's not. But it's perfect.

 photo ry3D4003_zps5920b7f8.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

 photo ry3D4002_zps20894600.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

 photo ry3D400_zpsf2576b75.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

 photo ry3D4004_zpsabaa8232.jpg
Kristin Vining Photography

Now what comes with anniversaries or birthdays and mothers days for that matter. Presents! Well... for most people that is.

Truth is the husband and I don’t do gifts. At least for the past 4 holidays/events we haven’t done gifts. Really I’m not even sure how we got here and would like to discuss putting an end to it. BUT – if he WERE to get me a gift or if he needed some ideas for a gift for me I could help him out. It would look something like this....

Gifts for self improvement. You know reading, books, things that will make me smarter and a better person. (Or make my coffee table look prettier):
 photo 61m9K4fYNfL__BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_SX285_SY380_CR00285380_SH20_OU01__zps85539357.jpg
 photo 51XTxJyYmRL__BO2204203200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-clickTopRight35-76_SX285_SY380_CR00285380_SH20_OU01__zps506fe827.jpg
 photo 41XNcwZ1OML__SX285__zps11ea8c09.jpg
 photo USW_4FREE-ORDERPAGE_2-2012_zps69854347.jpg

Gifts of home decor:

 photo 98fd30088a2d11e180c9123138016265_7_large_zps7c42a747.jpg
 photo 571_1504_1_zps03eab04b.jpg

 photo 8674_3402_1_001_zpsd3d47963.jpg
 photo 8677_4122_1_giraffe_zps664b4ab5.jpg photo Screen_Shot_2012-11-18_at_8_04_55_PM_large_zps921e8194.png photo Screen_Shot_2013-03-28_at_1_12_31_PM_medium_zps5d4689aa.png photo screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_4_39_39_pm_medium_zps9b9fbac4.png photo screen_shot_2013_04_29_at_4_32_03_pm_medium_zpsbfb0ccfc.png

Gifts of fashion:
 photo screen_shot_2013_04_08_at_1_33_38_pm_medium_zps6c47eb14.png photo screen_shot_2013_03_27_at_11_16_30_am_medium_zps508105f5.png

 photo screen_shot_2013_03_27_at_11_06_29_am_medium_zpsed046127.png
 photo 8612_701_1_zps581bedd9.jpg
 photo 8574_701_1_zps72e150b4.jpg
 photo 8354_947_1_1_zps073cc824.jpg
Wouldnt these be cute by the pool with a bathing suit!
 photo 8399_5400_1_1_zps8cc21f52.jpg
 photo 8378_701_1_zps83fc516e.jpg
 photo imageService_zpse28b355d.jpg
A white blazer...
 photo imageService2_zps0b078e70.jpg
and throw in this comfy cozy cute grey one while your at it.

Gifts of Beauty:
 photo s1306794-main-hero_zps41c74e89.jpg
Tarte 12 hr blush!
 photo s1200997-main-hero_zps591b3869.jpg
A clarisonic Mia - I'm way behind on this one. Need to jump on this boat fast!

Well what can I say I'm not a hard girl to please :) Oh wait, how could i forget...also I'd like a very pracical hand bag. You know something I can carry everywhere. Something I can stick my work laptop in and carry to work, yet still go out with and be stylish. Something I can use as a diaper bag and fill to the brim with baby stuff and also use as my purse. Here's a suggestion...

 photo Louis-Vuitton-Neverfull-PM_zpsf81f0f24.jpg

I said practical, not cheap :)

Oh it's fun to dream....

Happy Anniversary Hunter, I love you ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Thanks for the kiss this morning :)

oh...btw for my readers most of these items can we found at and